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By lending your financial support to Today's Reality, you will be combating poverty by contributing to projects designed to provide fair access to water, with sustainable spinoffs in many areas of the world. You will also be supporting awareness-raising efforts regarding responsible ways to manage this common heritage resource.

An official receipt for income tax purposes will be e-mailed to you shortly. Please note that Today's Reality Organization can only issue tax receipts for donations from Canadian sources. We accept money order, personal cheques, and through PayPal Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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Thanks to people like you, these vital projects will move forward. By making a donation today, you will help rebuild the lives of the unfortunate and the communities they live in and at the same time provide the opportunity of hope for a better life. 
Donations made to Today’s Reality Organization are safe and secure; also the personal information provided will never be shared with a third party. You can download a billing form via:

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