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How can you help?
Water is necessary for survival above all other resources on earth.

Did you know?

That approximately 3% of the water on this planet is freshwater? Of that amount 2.1% is frozen; .7% lie below the surface and .2% above the surface. Today's Reality communication strategy is intended to create an awareness of the severity of the water shortage problem which plague most of the developing countries worldwide and show and how it negatively impact communities. Our current goal is to raise sufficient funds to execute Phase I of this humanitarian project slated for roll-out in 2011-2012 and will cost approximately $3M.Cdn (in 2011 dollars) to install 150 water wells fitted with filtration devices. Our plea goes out to everyone who is in a position to contribute $25 or more. Water is our common bond, uniting us as human beings and as citizens of this planet. And yet, while water flows abundantly in some parts of the world, in others it is a source of poverty, sickness and death. Every eight seconds, a child dies for lack of drinking water. Isn't that sufficient reason to take action? That has been our motivation.

Please take the time to navigate through the website and sign up for our quarterly newsletter, which will update you on current projects, planned projects, new water improvement technologies, events, trip reports, and more. Thank you for participating in this worthwhile humanitarian cause.

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