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To aid the less fortunate people in developing countries, by improving their lives, welfare and community through productive and meaningful humanitarian work.

-To be prudent when managing donations, and be respectful to the customs, traditions, and culture of the people to whom the service and product will benefit.

-Today's Reality staff, team and volunteers will conduct themselves ethically and professionally and will focus on increasing the social and economic welfare of rural and impoverished communities in developing countries. This will be accomplished by providing financial assistance and technical expertise to develop vital water resources through the installation of water wells.

-Provide updated information to Today's Reality donors and enable donors to have greater involvement in their supported projects and foster good will among different cultures.

Inspiration and Background

Inspired by a documentary from the World Health Organization as well as a case study from the University of Oklahoma about the availability of water in developing countries. Greg Motayne, sponsor and project manager saw this as an opportunity to join the movement in the fight against poverty which most research studies have concluded is directly linked to the lack of clean and available drinking water world wide. "Poverty often leads to sickness, which in turn further leads to poverty a vicious cycle that hinders economic and social development. Since human health depends on a host of factors associated with water, the ability to wash one’s hands and drink clean water can have major repercussions for the living conditions of a poor family." - One Drop Organization.
In an effort to contribute and support this humanitarian endeavour, Today's Reality was  formed with a mandate to collaborate with key partners experienced in humanitarian work and water crisis management in providing safe and clean drinking water to people in developing countries. We believe this is a basic human right, and by assembling a team of  dedicated, committed, and knowledgeable volunteers the journey to accomplishing this objective becomes hopeful. We at Today's Reality believe that by pooling our imagination and willpower, we can make possible the impossible. One step at a time, one village at a time.
Did you know that half the planet’s population does not have water purification? Together, these factors are responsible for the deaths of several million people each year.

Every region of the world is affected: the world's population need for water is constantly growing while the quantity of available water remains the same. Unless we change the way we consume water, 2.7 billion people will lack water in 2025. This forecasts state that two thirds of the world population will be without safe drinking water and basic sanitation services. Construction of wastewater treatment plants and reduction of groundwater overdrafting appear to be obvious solutions to the worldwide problem; however, a deeper look reveals more fundamental issues in play.

At Today's Reality we take these challenges seriously and intend to execute our mandate with your support. Our intent is to provide hope for a better life for those less fortunate.

Thank you
Today's Reality Organization

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